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Triumph Bonneville 1969

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YouTube video start up and ride. Click on the link to play.
Triumph Bonneville 1969 considered  to be the most highly collectable of the dry framed bonnies
This is an original matching numbers bike.
The wheel rims have rust pitting.
1 Crankcases Vapour blasted
2. Sludge trap cleaned out
3.  Big end bearings
4  Main bearings
5. Piston kits
6. Head reconditioned with new valves
7 All new gearbox bearings
8 Clutch springs
9 Exhaust headers
10 Mufflers
11 Petrol Tank, oil tank and side cover professionally painted
12. Fuel taps and hose fittings
13 Chrome strip on top of tank
14 Petrol tank mount kit
15 Restored instruments
16 Handle bars
17 Grips
18 Hi/Lo switch
19 Main headlight switch
20 Ammeter
21 Fork stanchions, seal holders, seals, O rings, shuttle valves and circlips, gaiters and top nuts
22. Tapered head stem bearings
23 Dunlop tyres and new tubes
24 Drive chain
25 All new gaskets and seals
26 All new cables
27 Petrol tank cap
28 Lucas cloth wound wiring harness
29 Yuasa battery
30 Oil pressure switch
31 Lucas ignition switch
32 All new rubbers
33 Ignition coils
34 Boyer system
35 Chain guard
36 Tacho drive gearbox
37 Instruments
38 Seat cover
39 I have new air cleaner assemblies arriving early next week. They will be installed during the course of the auction.
40. new carbs.
This bike is available for viewing at central motor cycles please call 03 95400866

I can arrange shipping Australia wide

Typical shipping costs

Sydney $350

Brisbane $450

Adelaide $350

Canberra $350

Perth $1000

I will be traveling to Brisbane in the last week of June in the bike sells and is paid for I will deliver it up to that destination for free a saving of up to $500.